Where are we in trading?

Seller and buyer faces many painful steps before the success deal: logistics questions, proper storage, financing, payment methos, insurance, inspection, documents managements, reliable partner search and, of course, the fair price for both sides.

We don't know the platform that can resolve all these challenges, but we can offer you solve some of them like the secure payment, fulfillment in UAE and the bulk packing.

  • What is the value?

    Sales diversification, the trust to your new partner, ability to make sure the product quality and some costs reduction.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Approach

    We keep the collaborative approach. Despite of the defined service commission, we build an individual communication with each client due to our understanding that each customer has their own unique needs and preference on the market.

  • Team

    We don't stop on some one solution, we are developing our skills along with the new challenges of agri-food market and perform R&D continuously.

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The first commercial shipment of Georgian apples arrived in

We proudly announce that Eximcrop has organized the first-ever large shipment of fresh apples from Tifiphoni Gardens of Georgia to

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…coming soon: Kenian avocado in Geogia

The Eximcrop company is preparing the first avocado container on this season. Avocados will be delivered from Kenya to Georgia

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Green logistics solution introduced by Eximcrop

Eximcrop introduces the pooling of foldable crates (‘smart boxes’) in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus region.

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