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What is Eximcrop?

Global lockdowns due to pandemics, conflicts and wars have accelerated the new ways in B2B agri-food trade sector. Also, this situation has accelerated the developments of huge amount of additional online and offline services that are more accessible and effective. Established for the long time player are changing - more and more the third parties come into the game. However, a low threshold also means the possibility for dirty players to enter the game, resulting in the raise of underpayment, fraud and inappropriate product quality cases.

In 2021 Eximcrop, a new B2B platform, has appeared on the market of agricultural and food products online trade.
Now, Eximcrop is a service provided company that supports SMEs in wholesale trade, ensures secure transactions with licensed Escrow payment system and offers the alternative sales approach.
Starting from 2023 Eximcrop's launching the new looping system on local Georgian market which helps the farmers and retailers to reduce the bulk packing costs.

The partner of the company is San Francisco-based world-leading company Escrow.com Inc. which is the licensed escrow provider trusted by e-commerce giants like eBay.
The base of the Eximcrop risk-management system is a robust know-your-client (KYC) system, which ensures verification of all parties and is free for the platform’s clients.
Eximcrop solves problematic payments and delays 100% and make the trade process reliable and comfortable for both sides.

Eximcrop closely cooperate with USAID Georgia program.

“Our goal is to support secure, fraud-less trade and help SMEs to grow their business using effective tools. We’re opening new opportunities for growers, traders, and food companies”

  • Secure B2B deals in agro-trading
  • Alternative sales way
  • Cost reducing in fruits & vegetables circle
  • Agri-food supply chain consultancy

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