bio wine kvevri "saperavi" 2019 red dry


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Date: 2021-09-28 18:56:45

Date: 28.09.2021


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Product details


The wine is made from biologically pure „Saperavi“ grains, harvested in the village of Akhasheni, Kakheti region. The wine is made using the traditional Kakhetian method; aged with skins and stalks for 24 days and then aged without skins and stalks for 11 months in Qvevri; and afterward aged for at least 12 months in bottles, at a temperature of 14-16 °. The product does not contain any additives and is a live, unprocessed, unfiltered, natural, and bio-certified – dry red wine. Made in Georgia at "Levani's Marani Akhmeta". 77 Chavchavadze str, Akhmeta, Kakheti Region. Harvest 2019. Wine has won a bronz medal at The International „Qvevri Wine Festival“.

Place of Origin

Akhmeta, Kakheti, Georgia


levani's marani akhmeta

Beverage Type


Product Type

bio wine saperavi kvevri dry red

Processing Type

natural, unprocessed, unfiltered

Quality Standard

BIO, high quality




case of six bottles

Lead Time

14 days after order

Supply Ability

2000 bottles/year

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Company details

The wine cellar was established in 2017, on the site of an old wine cellar, there was an 80-year-old vineyard, which was renovated, in the same space, there is a yard and a residential house. The Cellar and I both have the name of my Grandfather - "Levan". We mainly buy bio-certified grapes in the Kakheti region, from which we make natural wines. The first Qvevri wine was made in 2018 and bottled in 2019. The cellar has 18-ton Qvevris. While operating at full capacity, it is possible to produce 10,000 bottles of Qvevri wine annually. We produce wine using the traditional Kakhetian method of winemaking: macerating with skins and stalks for 6 months in Qvevri and then aging 5 months without skins and stalks. This way, prolonged maceration, and natural filtration happen. Wines are a live and natural, without any yeasts and additives. Wines are aged in Qvevri, at the natural temperature of 14° and after bottling, in the wine cellar 16°. We produce 4 types of wine. Red dry - Saperavi ; Amber (white) dry - Rkatsiteli, Kakhetian Green, and Kisi. The name of the wine and cellar is “Levani's Marani Akhmeta”.