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Date: 2021-05-14 14:58:03

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Dandy Regular Ice Cream – Available in Tub (4 Liter., 2 Liter., 1 Liter., & 500 ml.,) Cups 125 ml and 80 ml Cone, Bars, & sticks.

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Regular Ice cream

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Greetings from Qatar It is a pleasure to talk to you and share detail of Dandy Company Limited. Dandy is more than forty-year-old well-established organization currently operating in Qatar. We have state of art manufacturing and storage facilities associated with prestigious group operating in Doha Qatar. Our Dandy is focused on quality product, quality control and standardization. All our products are derived from detailed care and produced in state-of-art facilities. we are also an ISO/HACCAP compliant company and with valid halal certifications. We have our office in Doha, Qatar. Our leading brands Dandy which is in the category of Juice, Dairy and Ice Cream since year 1975 in Qatar. Dandy are market leader in Qatar. Have leading position in among category in Qatar where we operate. We have mainly different variants and pack sizes in ice cream dairy and Beverage to cover all trade channels. But for the export market we are offering Ice cream as our rest of the products are of short shelf life. But in total where in you can consider Ice cream – Dandy Regular Ice Cream – Available in Tub (4 Liter., 2 Liter., 1 Liter., & 500 ml.,) Cups, Cone, Bars, & sticks. Dandy Bon Bon - Premium – Unique Concept, It is an ice cream cube coated with Belgium Chocolate. Available in 238 Ml Tub in 7 different types i.e. - 1. Regular 2. Peanut 3. Hazelnut 4. Pistachio 5. Caramel 6. Coconut 7. Strawberry with white chocolate Dandy Premium – Premium ice cream available in 500 ml and 1000 ml Tub, 125 ml Cup and 65 ml Sticks. Dairy – Yoghurt, Fruit Yoghurt , Flavored Yoghurt, Laban, Laban Airan, Laban Sharab, Flavored Laban, Lassi, Labneh (Sour/ Turkish) in different Pack Size. Beverage – Chilled Juice in 200 ml, 330 Ml 1 Liter. and 1.5 Liter. Frutti – flavored drink 225 ml cup and 1 Liter, PET bottle (Very popular among Qatari customer) We are a household name in the Qatar and are looking to take our Ice creams goodness across the world to the discerning customers. At present our ice cream is available in Yemen, Kuwait, Sierra Leone, Djibouti, Pakistan and very soon we are going to penetrate in Oman, KSA, UAE. In this endeavor, we would like to grow our network of business partners to take this wonderful product to different regions and cultures of the world. FYI, our products are well accepted by the trade / consumers alike especially our newly introduced ‘Bon Bon Ice cream’ range etc. is doing well in the market where we operate. To scale our business to the next level, we are looking for who would partner us in building our markets shares and growth in related trade channels. Please go through attached profile of Dandy products and our website ( to know more about our company and the product portfolio. We would like to hear more from you on the road ahead in this exciting journey. Thanks and regards, Nazrul Abdin Export Manager Dandy Company Ltd. P.O Box: 2239, Doha - Qatar Tel: +974 44603600 | Fax: +974 44603700 | Mob: +974 50230496 Email: | Web: